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Visit of Prof. Dr. Savko Malinov

On April 8, 2015, Prof. Dr. Savko Malinov from Queen’s University, Belfast, visited IMSETHC-BAS, by invitation of the Director Ludmil Drenchev.  Prof. Dr. Savko Malinov was awarded the honorable title of the Institute “Guest-Professor”. He has scientific achievements in the field of metal science and well-known contribution to development of titanium alloys, their appliance and characterization. Prof. Malinov presented the structure, research activity and scientific achievements of the Queen’s University.
The presentation and discussion took place in the Main Hall of the Institute and lasted almost two hours. Prof. Malinov gave information about his professional biography and acquainted the audience with the structure of the University. He noted the research themes and activities and R&D funding sources. He commented the themes which are of mutual interest for the Queen’s University and the Institute. Prof. Malinov paid special attention to the long-lasting collaboration between scientists from both organizations and the projects funded by British sources.

Here are Presentation1 and Presentation2

During discussion were discussed the possible funding opportunities for joint scientific projects. There were established common areas of interests and possibilities for preparation of project proposals in the field of aluminum-based composites with nanosized reinforcement and development of hybrid metal foams.


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