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The Visit of Prof. Dr. Taha Mattar

Prof. Dr. Taha Mattar, Acting President of Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Cairo, Egypt, has visited IMSETHC-BAS from 18.04.2017 to 22.04.2017. The visit is carried out as a part of a joint research project of Bilateral Agreement for Scientific Cooperation between IMSETHC and CMRDI, entitled “Development of innovative steel and ferrous alloys by nano modifiers addition technique”. Prof. Dr. Taha Mattar was a special guest and presented a greeting at the IMSETHC 50th Jubilee Celebration. During the visit prof. Dr. Taha Mattar had meetings with prof. Ludmil Drenchev, DSc, Director of IMSETHC. Workshops were held, where the obtained results from both project teams were discussed. New tasks for the completion of the joint project were assigned.
Below are given moments of the joint work during the visit of Prof. Dr. Taha Mattar in IMSETHC-BAS.


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