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Projects in the area of material science, ecology, nuclear security, ship’s hydrodynamics.

Current projects

Completed projects

Project Title:New generation light-weight materials for advanced space applications
Project Period:2014-2016
Project Leader:Project Responsible – Prof. Ludmil Drenchev, DSc; IMSET Project leader - Prof. Jerzy J. Sobczak, Foundry Research Institute, Krakow
Annotation:The main objective of the project is development, characterization and application of new class of light-weight high performance engineered metallic and metal-matrix composite materials with homogeneous or graded structure. These materials shall provide revolutionary capability, especially for aircraft and spacecraft systems. The specific objective of this proposal is development of porous magnesium alloy reinforced by high strength fibers or metallic wires.
Expected Results:Elaboration of high pressure-high temperature facility for fabrication of Magnesium ordered porosity materials (gasars) and Magnesium-matrix composite materials with ordered porosity (hybrid gasars) and measurement of their mechanical properties.
Funded by:European Space Agency
Project Title:Utilization of fly ash by-product for production of advanced light-weight low-cost aluminum based composites
Project Period:2015-2016
Project Leader:Prof. Ludmil Drenchev, DSc
Annotation:The project can be considered as a complex step in utilization of fly ash by-product trough development of bio-mimetic high-porosity structures and light-weight metallic composites. The main goal is elaboration of technologies for utilization of fly ash generated in China and Bulgaria as reinforce phase in metal matrix composites. Some aluminum alloys will be used as matrix. The obtained composites will be structurally and mechanically characterized and will be analyzed prospects for their application as structural and functional elements.
Expected Results:To be elaborated an expertise for effective and ecology-friendly technologies, concerning utilization of fly ash as reinforce phase for high-performance of low-cost metallic composites.
Funded by:Ministry of Education and Science, National Science Fund, Bulgaria
Project Title:Investigation of the interaction of silicate systems from an industrial slag with alkali solutions
Project Period:2014-2016
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Ivan Penkov
Annotation:The objective of this project is directed towards obtaining new fundamental knowledge on the interaction of a composite glassy phase from pyrometallurgical copper slag with alkaline solutions. The slag has a complex chemical composition, structure, and a strong mineral crystallization ability and the knowledge of the solubility of silica in an alkaline solution and subsequent neutralization with mineral acid cannot be directly applied. The obtained data can be used to create new environmentally friendly processes of recycling slag, and for preparation of micro and nano-size, amorphous silicon dioxide (silica) with low density and large surface area.
Expected Results:New data will be obtained for: kinetics and mechanism of oxidation; the distribution of the phases; morphology and amorphization of silicate phase; chemistry of dissolution of a composite glassy phase in an alkaline solution.
Funded by:Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, National Science Fund,Competition for funding of research in priority areas 2014
Project Title:Research and determination of optimal technological parameters of electric-resistance welding process of steel wires and reinforcing steel, aiming to increase the quality of the welded joints and reducing of the energy costs
Project Period:2012 – 2015
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yavor Lukarsky
Annotation:The main objective is control and management of the electric-resistance welding process of wires and reinforcing steel. This is of great importance for the industry, due to the growing consumption of welded mesh in the building industry, livestock breeding (poultry farming), the commerce and household.
Expected Results:The obtained results and "Database" will lead to a significant improvement of the method for control of the different parameters of the welding process of wires and reinforcement, which will result in increased quality of welded joints, reduction of energy costs and indirectly - a positive environmental effect.
Funded by:Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" 2007-2013
Project Title:Improvement of the technology for casting of aluminum alloy castings by computer simulation and nanotechnology
Project Period:2012 – 2015
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentin Manolov
Annotation:Through computer simulation and introduction of nanomaterials are optimized the casting technologies of different by geometry aluminum castings.
Expected Results:Developed are methods and algorithms for mathematical modeling, computer simulation and optimization of modern technology for the formation of high qualitative castings, aiming to an increase the competitiveness of national producers of such castings, in strict compliance with environmental standards and requirements.
Funded by:National Innovation Fund, Bulgaria
Project Title:Research and development of technologies for the recycling of metal scrap
Project Period:2014 – 2017
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentin Manolov
Annotation:Due to the increasing amount of metal waste and a mill scale, in particular, there is a need for research of effective technologies for recovery of such waste
Expected Results:There will be developed technologies for recycling the metal waste from metallurgical production.
Funded by:National Innovation Fund
Project Title:Joint Research Program of Nano-modified High Performance Piston Alloy
Project Period:2014 – 2015
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Dr Lenko Stanev
Annotation: It is developed a technology for introduction into the melt of piston aluminum alloy of nanosized powders-modifiers and their assimilation.
Expected Results:The quality of parts, produced by the modified piston aluminum alloy is significantly improved
Funded by:China North Industries Corp. - P.R.China
Project Title:Technical transfer on design documentation, development and optimization of technology for gas counter pressure casting of typical knuckles
Project Period:2014 – 2015
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Dr Lenko Stanev
Annotation:It is developed a complex design and technological documentation of the entire process of production, by a gas counter pressure casting, of a critical part from the suspension of the cars (knuckle).
Expected Results:Optimization of the technology, aiming to production of high quality, flawless parts for the automotive industry.
Funded by:Ningbo Surface Engeneering Research Center, P.R.China
Project Title:Development of new lead-free ceramic materials for electronics
Project Period:2014-2016
Project Leader:Assoc. Prof. Luben Lakov, PhD
Annotation:The project is related to the EU policy claiming that from 21.06.2016 the manufactured and imported electric and electronic ceramics should be free of heavy metals. As a member state of EU, Bulgaria is obliged to observe that policy, too.
Expected Results:Still in progress is development of formulas and technology for manufacturing of lead-free ceramics for the electronics, and mostly for capacitor materials for temperature compensation and high dielectric permeability.
Funded by:7th Session of the National Innovation Fund
Project Title:Improvement of the Urban Security and Defence through the Implementation of Advance Detection Sensors' System
Project Period:2020
Project Leader:Coordinator: Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydroaerodynamics Centre – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Annotation:In the Europe urban setting provides access to highly integrated infrastructure systems — such as water, electrical and gas supplies; communications; and public transport — as well as to numerous objects such as chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear plants, etc.
Expected Results:The main purpose of the project is to achieve an effective security and protection of population by developing an advanced, detection and sensing system , which rapidly and accurately locates and characterizes threats, such as acts of cyber or physical intrusion, or the detection of chemicals and/or explosives
Funded by:HORIZON 2020