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Course „Metallography – theory and practice”

Course „Metallography – theory and practice” which is conducted periodically by Assoc. Prof. R. Lazarova, Ph.D., took place in IMSETHC – BAS from 11 to 12.05.2017. This time the trainers were Ph.D. students from IMSETHC, as well as employees from the company “Liebherr-Hausgeräte Marica” Ltd. Following thesis were reviewed:

-Optical microscopy and metallography microscope design.
-Automatic quantitative metallography analysis.
-Metals and alloys microhardness assessment.
-Iron, aluminum, zinc and copper alloys microstructures.
Practical workshops were carried out in laboratory “Metallography”. The participants enlarged their knowledge and improved their skills regarding one of the most used in modern scientific and industrial researches – the optical microscopy. Moments from the workshop are given below.

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